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Providing Termite Control Services to Residents in Plano, TX

Your home is your haven, so you want it to be a safe, clean environment. However, termites and pests may not share your vision. Graham’s Lawn & Pest provides residential termite services to homeowners throughout Plano, TX to ensure our customers’ houses are free of such nuisances.

The Lone Star State’s warm climate prompts insects and termites to seek relief from the heat by taking up residence in homes and commercial properties. But this can lead to structural damage or even illnesses among you and your family members. We can help. With nearly 70 years of experience in the industry, we’re adept at identifying infestations and devising plans to eradicate them. Call us today to learn about ways to identify a problem and why quick action is critical.

Termite Control Is Our Specialty

Homeowners in Plano and the surrounding area know they can trust Graham’s Lawn & Pest for long-lasting termite control. Termites are among the most destructive pests in the world, and several varieties are native to the DFW Metroplex.

These insects mostly feed on dead plant matter such as woodchips, decayed wood, leaf litter and soil. But when they get into your house, they can start eating away at its structural supports. Subterranean termites live in underground nests and may enter your home from the soil along its foundation.

Other termite varieties include damp wood termites – which thrive in moist conditions – and dry wood termites that don’t need much moisture to survive.

Signs You May Have A Termite Infestation

Graham’s Lawn & Pest can perform a thorough inspection to determine if you have a termite infestation in your home, but we recommend looking for key indicators on your own as well.

If you notice any, call us immediately to request residential termite services in the Plano, TX area.

Telltale signs that you may have a termite swarm on your property include:

  • Termites – Where there is one, there are likely more. If you notice dead or live termites, you probably have a significant problem. You may also find discarded wings.
  • Mud Tubes These canals about the width of a drinking straw may be present beneath flooring, around baseboards, or behind your siding.
  • Hollow Wood If you hear a hollow sound when you tap the wood along your walls and windowsills, you might have a brooding termite problem beneath the surface.

Achieving Effective Termite Control in Plano

Effective termite control is crucial for homeowners in Plano, TX to protect their properties from the devastating damages caused by termites. Graham’s Lawn & Pest has the expertise and knowledge to identify termite infestations and implement effective control methods. The risks associated with termites, such as structural damage and financial losses, make it essential to take immediate action.

To ensure long-term termite control in Plano, preventive measures should also be implemented. These include:

  • Regular Inspections
  • Eliminating Moisture Sources Around The Property
  • Sealing Cracks and Crevices That Could Serve As Entry Points
  • Maintaining Proper Ventilation

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Did You Know?

Termites are responsible for roughly $5 billion in annual property damages and repair costs in the U.S. Because they often begin their destruction before anyone is aware of their presence, they can cause significant damage to your home.

There Are More Than


Known Termite Species in The World


These Termites Cause


$5 Billion

In Property Damage, Every Year

The importance of removing termites from your home

Termites are responsible for roughly $5 billion in annual property damages and repair costs in the U.S.

Because they often begin their destruction before anyone is aware of their presence, they can cause significant damage to your home.

Our comprehensive termite control process

We’ll send one of our experts to your home to investigate and identify any areas where termites have established colonies. We then use state-of-the-art equipment and safe products to kill or eradicate them from your home. But that’s not the end of our services. We vow to follow up with you to ensure there are no recurrences and keep your home safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my home has a termite infestation?

If you notice signs of termite activity such as discarded wings, mud tubes along walls or foundations, hollow-sounding wood, or visible tunnels on wooden surfaces, it’s likely that your home has a termite infestation. It’s best to contact a professional pest control service for a thorough inspection and accurate identification.

How long does termite treatment take?

The duration of termite treatment depends on various factors such as the size of the infestation, the type of treatment used, and the accessibility of affected areas. It can range from a few hours to several days. A professional pest control service will be able to provide you with an estimate based on a thorough inspection.

Can I prevent future termite infestations?

While it’s impossible to guarantee 100% prevention, there are steps you can take to minimize the risk of future termite infestations. These include regular inspections, maintaining proper ventilation and drainage around your property, removing wood-to-soil contact, and addressing any moisture issues promptly. A pest control expert can provide further guidance on preventive measures tailored to your home’s specific needs.

We Also Eliminate Other Insects From Homes In Dallas

While we’re proud of our termite control expertise, termites aren’t the only pests that we can protect your home and family from. We’re also capable of eliminating the following bugs and insects from your Plano property:


Often showing up on your counters or in your pantries, ants can be plentiful and difficult to control on your own.


These flying insects have painful stingers and often live in colonies. We can keep them away from you and your family.


These biting insects can be harmful to you and your pets.


These wingless insects multiply quickly when they find a humid environment to live in. We commonly remove them from attics, basements, and bathrooms.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs spread quickly and easily, so early action is critical. We can eradicate infestations on all types of furniture.


More than just being disgusting, cockroaches carry diseases and can trigger allergic reactions.

You deserve a home that’s safe and comfortable for your family!

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