Commercial Wildlife Control Services

We Will Eradicate Wildlife From Your Commercial Property!

Your business should be an inviting environment for customers.

But the comforts you offer your patrons shouldn’t extend to wildlife. If you notice rats, squirrels, bats or other varmints on your property, reach out to Graham’s Lawn & Pest.

We provide comprehensive commercial wildlife control services in Lewisville, TX and the DFW Metroplex. Our team has been serving business owners in the region since 1951, and we’re eager to help you maintain a welcoming atmosphere. Animals often seek shelter indoors, which can be off-putting for an unsuspecting customer or employee.

Graham’s Lawn & Pest will ensure the critters are not comfortable for long. Call us today to learn about our commercial wildlife removal services. We also offer commercial pest control, commercial termite control, commercial wildlife control, residential termite control and residential wildlife control.

Our Team Removes All Types Of Wildlife

The DFW Metroplex is home to all kinds of amazing wildlife. While these animals are lovely to view in their natural habitat, you don’t want them invading your commercial property. When they seek shelter from the rain or extreme temperatures, your business is an enticing option. But Graham’s Lawn & Pest has the expertise to prevent critters from establishing themselves in your facility.

We have extensive industry experience, so you can rest assured that we’ll devise a plan to keep animals at bay. Among the animals we have removed from commercial properties are:

  • Rodents – Comprising rats, mice and more, rodents carry diseases that could put your staff or customers in harm’s way.
  • Squirrels – These dangerous, unpredictable animals may carry rabies and can cause damage to your business.
  • Raccoons – Known to forage for food, raccoons can become harmful when they feel threatened.
  • Opossums – In pursuit of a climate-controlled setting, opossums may enter your building and set up camp. These animals play dead when they’re frightened.
  • Pigeons – Birds, such as pigeons, may enter your facility and terrorize your clients. We can effectively remove them and suggest ways to prevent their return.
  • Bats – Another flying animal, bats are native to the DFW Metroplex. They can be tricky to control, but Graham’s Lawn & Pest is up to the task.

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